Warner Bros has released the first trailer for their upcoming animated movie Injustice, showing what happens when Superman is pushed beyond the point of no return. Based on Tom Taylor’s graphic novel Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One, the film finds Superman at a loss after the death of Lois and their unborn child at the twisted hands of the Joker. During the fallout, Superman establishes a new world order with members of the Justice League as his red right hand. Desperate to retake control of the world, Batman partners with an assortment of allies to help bring Superman and his enforcers to justice.

Directed by Justice League Dark’s Matt Peters, from a script by Ernie Altbacke, Injustice stars Justin Hartley (This is Us) as Superman, Anson Mount (Inhumans) as Batman, Gillian Jacobs (Community) as Harley Quinn, and Laura Bailey (The Last of Us: Part II, Gears 5) as Lois Lane and Rama Kushna.

Even though the trailer is beyond tame, Injustice has already received an R rating for bloody violence. You know what this means, right? It means that fans of Taylor’s comic, as well as the popular NetherRealm studio’s Injustice video game franchise, can look forward to there being plenty of bloodshed in the upcoming film. Will there be fatalities? I certainly hope so, though I won’t hold my breath, seeing as how precious these characters are to WB’s bottom line. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie gets brutal in ways we wouldn’t expect.

Both the Injustice comic book and video game series have enjoyed a great deal of success over the years. Each has received the sequel and spin-off treatment, which leads me to believe that Injustice could be the first of many animated films based on the concept. I hope this movie borrows heavily from both aspects of the Injustice canon because, so far, both have been outstanding “Elseworlds” stories with unpredictable outcomes.

Injustice will be available digitally and on Blu-ray from October 19.

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