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It has been over 30 years since HOME ALONE was first released in theaters and began its journey to become one of the most enduring Christmas classics of all-time. Almost every aspect of the film has been picked apart from Kevin seriously having some of the worse family members ever to it being highly unlikely that an eight-year-old could outsmart two home invaders, no matter how idiotic they were. I guess over the course of 30 years, there is more to discover about Home Alone and a fan on Twitter spotted a crucial detail as to how Kevin could’ve been left behind by his family.

You’re probably thinking it’s the infamous headcount that saw the neighbor’s kid accidentally getting counted as one of the McCallister clan. This is definitely not the new observation and I’m going to assume this isn’t your first rodeo with Home Alone. Even the headcount doesn’t explain how they forgot him for so long, especially since a flight from Chicago to Paris is over eight hours. The oversight actually begins the night before and it certainly explains a lot of the oversight.

In one of the early scenes, the family sits down to eat pizza when Kevin and Buzz get into an argument which knocks over bottles of soda all over the table. Kevin’s dad then scrambles to clean up the mess with some bright red napkins and he wipes everything on the table into the trashcan. What I haven’t noticed in all the times I’ve watched the film until this was pointed out on Twitter is that Kevin’s plane ticket gets mistakenly thrown into the trashcan with the napkins. You can check out the Twitter post below!

The responses on Twitter vary from people discovering this for the first time to viewers who said they spotted this as kids. I consider myself an astute viewer and I never saw this but I’m sure I might get dragged for missing what could be a critical plot point, even if it’s on-screen for maybe two seconds. Adding to me not noticing this was that the fact that Kevin’s red plane ticket blends in with the red napkins so I honestly never really spotted it.  I will say, if you didn’t notice it until now, it would explain why Kevin’s parents didn’t notice he was missing, since as far as they were concerned they had the right number of kids and the right number of tickets.

I can take my lumps on this one. If this was very obvious and it’s a shame it took me until my 36th birthday, which is today, to realize this, call me out but if you honestly missed it too, let us know because I’d like to not feel alone in this startling discovery.

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