In Paul Schrader’s new film The Card Counter (read our review), Oscar Isaac stars as William Tell, a professional gambler with a mysterious background who finds the past catching up to him in unpredictable ways. As with plenty of Schrader’s films, the story deals with themes of revenge, regret, and redemption, as William crosses paths with people who will change his life forever .

We had the opportunity to interview the two actors who play those people: TIffany Haddish and Tye Sheridan.

Haddish plays La Linda, a sly woman who runs a “stable” of card sharks who are funded by high rollers. La Linda finds common ground with the worldly gambler William, and the two of them decide to embark on an ambitious plan that could either make or break them. We spoke to Tiffany about the appeal of the character, her background in gambling, and whether or not she’d make for a professional card player. (She thinks so!)

Tye Sheridan plays Cirk (pronounced Kirk), a young man whose chance meeting with William alters both of their destinies. The actor, best known for his roles in films like Mud and Ready Player One, spoke to us about preparing for the role, his relationship with Isaac, shooting during the pandemic and more.

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