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Is Victoria Beckham worried about Brooklyn Beckham‘s relationship with Nicola Peltz? That’s what one story is claiming. Gossip Cop investigates.

Brooklyn And Peltz Moving Too Fast?

A recent edition of the Heat reported that Victoria Beckham is worried about her son’s relationship with his fiancee, Nicola Peltz. In the article, “Posh tells Brooklyn ‘What if this doesn’t work?’,” an inside source goes into detail about Victoria’s fears. According to the snitch, the young couple’s excessive PDA has “attracted a lot of ridicule.” The piece claims that Victoria is “worried about her son being mocked.” It insists that Victoria Beckham believes Peltz is her son’s “perfect match,” but “she can’t help worrying about the way they are being perceived.

According to the publication, the pace of their relationship has the former Spice Girl concerned for their future. The engagement after only nine months of dating, the matching tattoos, and the matching wisdom tooth necklaces spell an intensity that is bound to burn out. The article insists that Victoria Beckham wants the couple to pace themselves. It also looks back to Victoria’s own relationship with her husband, David Beckham. According to the piece, she is now mortified at her past PDAs with her husband and doesn’t want Brooklyn to have the same regrets.

The article wraps up with a deep dive into Brooklyn and Peltz’s dreams. The magazine asserts that their recent collaboration on Peltz’s film, Lola James, has them eager to keep working together. It even claims that the couple has a biopic in the works, and they want to tell their love story on the big screen. Furthermore, the publication claims that their goals go beyond making movies together. The article says that they “want to be American Royalty” and hope to be the next “Justin and Hailey Bieber.” It insists that their creative talents are just the thing to launch them to the forefront of public intrigue.

Victoria Urging Brooklyn To Slow Things Down?

Is Victoria Beckham really concerned about her son’s relationship? It isn’t likely. This article’s “inside source” speculates extensively on Beckham’s concerns while never providing any evidence to support them. It’s true that Brooklyn and Peltz have not been shy at all about expressing their love for one another. That being said, the pace of their relationship doesn’t seem to raise any eyebrows within their family. From the reports we do have, it seems the two families are close.

Just last week, Peltz’s family gifted Victoria Beckham an impressive Easter basket, filled with over $600 worth of gifts. Also, the fashion designer recently shared on Instagram Peltz’s photoshoot from Vogue Germany where the actress is wearing pieces from Victoria’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Nicola Peltz seems to be a fan of Victoria Beckham’s clothing, and is frequently seen wearing it. Additionally, Victoria even sent Peltz a sweet birthday message not long ago. She has been outspoken about her excitement for her son and future daughter-in-law to tie the knot, despite this article’s claims to the contrary.

The Tabloid On Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz

This isn’t the first time we’ve caught Heat with their pants on fire. Not long ago, the magazine claimed that Brooklyn and Peltz had called off their engagement, much to Victoria Beckham’s dismay. The claim was obviously false, and the couple is still engaged. The tabloid also reported the bizarre story that Victoria Beckham was planning a $65,000 makeover before her son’s wedding. Gossip Cop proved the story false as well. Recent reports from the publication also claimed that Brooklyn’s parents are worried he’s a “lost soul,” although the couple has made no such comments. It’s clear this tabloid has a reputation of inventing drama for the famous family.

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