WEEK OF February 22 – 2 8, 2021

Intimidating as it might be, the stars on Wednesday, February 24, are poised to reward all efforts at self-promotion! With passionate Mars in Taurus in your fifth house of creativity and fame aligned with penetrating Pluto in your expansive ninth, drop the modest mouse persona and take public pride in your accomplishments. That’s what’s different about you, Virgo: When you do have something to gush (or even just humblebrag) about, it’s not YOU or your latest style or romantic “conquest” but the work or service you’ve provided to others that matters. And sharing about THAT is good for everyone. Your own artistic or personal creation can make others happy or feel more connected. Get the word out! When you speak authentically and enthusiastically about the things that light you up, you’ll naturally attract an audience—the right audience! The ninth house also rules entrepreneurship and higher education, so if you want to develop one of your talents, find an amazing teacher—or become one—as a little effort could help you manifest the perfect situation.

Two’s your magic number for at least the next month, so get ready to start scattering rose petals hither and yon! This Thursday, vixen Venus alights into Pisces and your seventh house of relationships, where she’ll hold court until March 21. You’ll be as alone as you care to be, so plan accordingly—lingerie drawer refresh, new sheets and boudoir mood lighting optional. The bottom line is that over the coming four weeks, you’ll crave closer connection with the people who fill your heart with love and affection. If you’re in a partnership or headed that way, this is a perfect cycle for honest conversations that can deepen your bond. Thanks to Venus’ people-savviness, you’ll know who’s a keeper, which situations are tweakable and where you’ll have to simply “agree to disagree.” No one on the romantic radar? No worries! This transit is wonderful for strengthening all ties, and your calendar is sure to fill with video chats, calls with potential creative collaborators and even socially distanced meetups. But keep your eyes, ears and heart open for someone “final-rose-worthy.” An attractive opposite may float into your orbit—or Zoom room—and you want to be ready to greet them!

Need a little more fuel for your self-confidence tanks? Saturday marks the year’s only full moon in Virgo, which is like having a spotlight follow you around for the next two weeks. This may feel like “good news bad news,” but try to think of it as a mega lucky break! Your humble sign is never actually “ready” for a big reveal, so to anticipate and counteract that, find an energetic way to give your inner perfectionist its walking papers. Then, step out and shine like (fellow Virgo) Beyonce! If you stay focused on the incredible work you’ve done over the past several months, this lunar lift could feel like a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Are you just on the verge of wrapping a big project? Burn as much midnight oil as necessary, but plan to get ‘er done in the next two weeks, peak manifesting time for this industrious full moon!

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