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As there are a generation of actors who grew up with STAR WARS, we’ve seen more than a few of them live out their fantasies by taking on roles in the franchise, and The Mandalorian in particular has been packed with plenty of celebrity cameos, ranging from Horatio Sanz to Richard Ayoade to Jason Sudeikis. The first episode of the second season of The Mandalorian debuted just last week, and brought with it a new slate of characters. Although you likely didn’t recognize him, W. Earl Brown (Deadwood) made his STAR WARS franchise debut in the episode as he played the unnamed Weequay tending bar in Mos Pelgo.

Shortly after the episode debuted, W. Earl Brown took to Twitter to finally talk about the role he had to keep secret for more than a year. Although he isn’t a fan of prosthetics, he made an enthusiastic exception when he found out it would be for The Mandalorian.

Days later, W. Earl Brown was in the chair getting a head mold for the prosthetics and signing an NDA that was “seven pages long.” When Brown started shooting the episode, the first season of The Mandalorian hadn’t yet launched, so he had no knowledge of Baby Yoda. The actor went on to describe his first day on set reuniting with his Deadwood co-star Timothy Olyphant(who played Cobb Vanth in the episode) and of course, his first experience with Baby Yoda, who his Disney-employed wife had been keeping secret all this time.

It’s been almost a year to the day since I met The Child,” W. Earl Brown continued. “In that time, I have forced myself to use restraint and not shout my news to the high heavens. I told a few friends and some family members, folks I swore to secrecy. I posted an Instagram photo of me wearing my MANDO Season Two Crew Hoodie. But now Season Two, Episode One has aired, I can speak freely — I AM IN STAR WARS!!! I AM IN STAR WARS!!! I AM IN STAR WARS!!!” You lucky cocksucker.

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