You would think that TENET‘S theatrical run was wrapping up relatively soon, especially since Warner Bros. announced the Digital, 4K Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray, and DVD release for the film on December 15, 2020, but despite that announcement, the studio is still keen on releasing the film in New York and Los Angeles even as COVID cases rise and there has been no announcement of those markets reopening.

Warner Bros. stated in a recent press release that they’re still planning to release the film theatrically in New York and Los Angeles. Some movie theaters in New York State have reopened with safety protocols in place but New York City theaters remain shuttered. The same is the case for movie theaters in Los Angeles and there really isn’t a reopening date in sight. It makes sense that Warner Bros. would want to take advantage of these two markets because they are the biggest box office markets in the States but how long is the studio willing to wait for their locations to reopen?

An NYC/LA release for TENET likely wouldn’t hurt but it may come too little, too late. Once the film is available for home consumption I doubt most people in those areas would take the time to see it theatrically. It’s possible that the press release is just wishful thinking on the part of Warner Bros. and they could be realistic that a wide release in those markets is unlikely. They could be shooting for a limited run for whenever those locations open just to see if they can make a little more money on the domestic front. As of this writing, TENET has grossed $53.8 million at the domestic box office, which is what the film probably could’ve topped on opening weekend in a normal box office climate. The overseas total has propelled the film to $347.1 million worldwide and Christopher Nolan recently stated he was “thrilled” with the film’s box office performance, but Warner Bros. is definitely thinking about what money was lost by choosing to release the film instead of delaying it. You can check out a snippet of the press release below where the mention of the theatrical release in NY and Los Angeles is highlighted:

Burbank, CA, November 5 – “Tenet,” the must-see motion picture event, playing now on the big screen wherever theatres are open, will arrive on 4K, Blu Ray, DVD and Digital on December 15 in time for the holidays. Written, directed and produced by acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan (“Inception,” “Dunkirk”), “Tenet” opened globally beginning in August 2020 and has grossed $350 million to date, with the much-anticipated theatrical openings in the major markets of New York and Los Angeles still to come. “Tenet” will be available to preorder from digital and physical retailers beginning November 10.

Do YOU think Warner Bros. will still attempt a theatrical release for TENET in New York and Los Angeles?

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