RM lead the conversation for BTS, and told the rapper, “After we listened to your rap recording, everybody was so impressed and so grateful.” Megan, in disbelief, replied, “No, I was so happy and I was so grateful. I had already told my manager. I was like ‘I wanna do a song with BTS,’ and then when it came up, I was like, ‘They know me?’ I was so happy.”

After their conversation, Megan and BTS posed for some selfies together. The rapper’s dog — a grey French bulldog named 4oe — was brought in for some of the pictures, which she later posted to Instagram and Twitter. The fast friends later traded their photo session for a quick dance tutorial, which saw members Jimin, Jungkook and J-Hope teaching Megan hand choreography.

See the video of Megan and BTS’ meeting below.

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