Seinfeld’s Wayne Knight returned to his iconic role of Newman in a new ad dedicated to getting out the vote. 

On Seinfeld, Knight played Jerry’s neighbor and sworn enemy who also happens to take his job as a mailman very seriously, although he’s portrayed as a lazy worker with such habits as not working when it is raining or hiding bags of mail in Jerry’s basement storage locker rather than delivering them. Despite such clear respect for mail, he nevertheless impulsively protests the idea of any mail being considered “junk” and he also has a bit of pride about the job as a whole. Newman’s threat about how much power the United States Postal wields (“When you control the mail, you control… information.” ) used to be funny on the show but in 2020, it has taken on a whole new meaning. 

Mail delivery is very important in this day and age and millions of Americans are depending on the country’s most popular agency to safely cast ballots in this year’s presidential election. The hard-working men and women of the United States Postal service are definitely not the problem and they’re doing what they can to compact dastardly forces from who might be conspiring against our democracy. This is where Newman comes in and as their most famous employee, he has a message for worried citizens who may have concerns about the mailing process during the presidential election. You can check out Knight reprising his role as Newman in the video below:

The video comes to us from PACRONYM, a digital-only campaign that targets key voters in important battleground states. It’s not uncommon for celebrities to engage in these tongue and cheek ad campaigns to do their part to get the vote out or try to provide information regarding concerns that some might have when it comes to the election as a whole. In the hilarious video, Newman calls out a certain someone the Oval Office, and his hand-picked Post Master General. It is believed that they have been undermining mail delivery in an attempt to project distrust in the Postal Service and possibly prevent ballots from being counted. Whatever side you fall on, the video is quite funny and definitely brings about some nostalgia while also talking about topical subject matter.

Did YOU like Knight’s return as Newman in this new campaign video?

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