Today marks the 48th anniversary of the passing of Bruce Lee, perhaps the greatest movie action star of all time. It’s hard to overestimate the profound impact Lee had on the genre. Not only was he a superstar in Asia, but with Enter the Dragon, released posthumously, he broke through into the West in a way that anticipated the future success of legends like Jackie Chan and Jet Li. However, arguably he was a more significant worldwide phenomenon than any of them, with him still an iconic, ageless hero for anyone who’s ever watched a martial arts movie or thrown a kick. 

But, all of these years later, Lee remains a controversial figure. His death is among the most mysterious in cinema history, with him passing away in his prime (only thirty-two) in what authorities called “death by misadventure,” likely cerebral edema due to an allergic reaction. Nevertheless, he left behind a massive legacy despite only being active in films for a few years. We chart his whole life in this video, from the early days training with Master Ip Man, through his breakthrough in Hollywood as Kato in The Green Hornet, to his eventual superstardom in Hong Kong through his association with Golden Harvest, where he made classics like The Big Boss, Fist of Fury and Way of the Dragon.

Join us as we examine his life and legacy in We Remember: Bruce Lee!

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