Friday night, the shiny Leo Moon sextiles Mercury and opposes Saturn. Mercury heads into trine with Saturn, exact Saturday night, so the dramatic and playful mood may just be a catalyst to a solid, pleasurable, and life-affirming bargain – or commitment.

In any case, sweet words, sweet sounds and sensations are real. And it feels like something to roar in joy over.

Venus heads into square with Pluto (exact Sunday night) and trine to Jupiter (Monday morning). So while this is no cake walk, the potential rewards are immense, as are the possibilities for future rewards. Also in effect is Mars trine Pluto, exact on Monday right about the same time Venus closes its Jupiter trine. So all weekend this energy plays out in the collective, and the game is ON.

If you’ve been waiting to bust a move, watch for your opening. All that glitters is not gold. Fully weigh your choices. If you’ve got to weasel anything, manipulate and scheme, wait for confirmation that it’s actually the real deal before you take your best shot.

Sometimes you have to get rid of the wrong choice that’s blocking your view of the right one. That can mean a stinging miss. But you’ve got more than one shot. How many times have we howled in excitement when after two strikes they hit a home run? Not that often, but it happens.

Have faith in your shot, and don’t be afraid to swing. When it’s right, it’s as natural as breathing. There’s no need to overthink this; it’s grounded in experience and training. Let it be natural.

“There is no such thing as tough. There is trained and untrained. Now which are you?”
Denzel Washington – John W. Creasy Man on Fire.
(clickable link)
He said this to a little girl. You’ve GOT this.

Saturday night, the Leo Moon travels through the mid-degrees of the sign, leaving behind the energy of the Saturn-Uranus square. The mood struts with its jaw out. All that Venus-Pluto-Jupiter, Mars-Pluto energy is great for the libido. It’s a yang kind of mood, gregarious and warm – but potent.

(Trained or untrained?)

Sunday morning, the Leo Moon sextiles Venus and opposes Jupiter. That sunny mood weather helps offset Pluto’s dark hold on desire with a cocky, fun demeanor. If you feel dark at this time, try a little silliness. Leo can afford to risk looking the fool, because the confidence comes from genuine self worth. Go with that, the fun, and you invite fortune.

In the late afternoon, the Moon finishes up in Leo and heads to Virgo, Mercury ruled. Cooler heads and hearts prevail. The mood is earth cooled. Virgo can be cool because Virgo always has the relevant details.

As the Virgo Moon moves toward the Virgo Sun, Virgo ruler Mercury in Libra heads into opposition with Chiron. Tell the truth. Be for real. “Faking it” only works insofar as what you’re putting on is actually one part of you. Express yourself in ways that make you look good but not at the expense of betraying yourself.

We’re on the verge of an agreement, and if you want the terms to genuinely serve you, make sure you serve yourself at least as well as you serve others. A fresh start should genuinely benefit you. If not, it’s not the right choice. Take some time to check in with how any agreement serves your integrity and fits with your authentic needs and goals and values.

The new moon will take place Monday night at 13 degrees Virgo. Where does this hit your chart? Are you being real with yourself and others about what you want?


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