All weekend, the Taurus Sun moves closer into square with Aquarius Saturn. Don’t bother messing around with pig-headed people. You know, people who counter everything you say with irritating advice or admonitions. Whether or not you get anything out of it depends a great deal on the source of the input.

It’s the difference between standing in the middle of a bowling lane as someone rolls at the pins and being a pinball bouncing off buzzers and bells, having fun and scoring points.

Some people will beat you down with their know-it-all-ness while others build you up by quickly getting to the root of your rot and helping you brainstorm… not by giving you ideas, but by sparking your own process of innovation. One feels lousy and stressful; the other is the most valuable gift ever: giving you something you already had but couldn’t access.

This weekend is ripe for either or both.

Friday night, the Capricorn (Saturn-ruled) Moon leaves an opposition to Mars and heads into trine with the waning Sun-Uranus conjunction. Leave a combative mood for one that makes the most of the available wisdom.

Saturday night’s Cap Moon trines Venus in Taurus and sextiles Neptune in Pisces as Venus moves to sextile Neptune. All weekend Venus sextiles Neptune bringing a heightened experience of longing and sensual appreciation. With the Moon involved in solid Capricorn, Saturday night is a sure thing. It’s bliss and a well-earned reward. Is it all in your imaginations? It doesn’t matter when it feels real.

Early Sunday, the Moon conjoins Pluto while still holding the remainder of that rapture. It’s powerful fuel to the mood and tops off our tanks for beauty, appreciation, and the ideal. Knowing what you want is the most important thing in the world, the precursor to getting it.

The Cap Moon also trines Mercury in Taurus as Mercury heads into square with Jupiter (active all weekend). Mercury square Jupiter can be big arguments, but other factors ameliorate this particular likelihood. We’re more inclined to quick-witted exchanges, mind-blowing sensations, and paradigm shifting revelations. Not bad at all!

Midday Sunday, the Moon moves to Aquarius and into Uranus’ rule. It heads into sextile with Chiron in Aries and square to Uranus in Taurus. The mood is airy and it’s easy to get caught up in theoretical amusements. Getting real might not feel as good, but it’s in our best interest.

Remember the grubby, stinky, human, and fallible bits of yourself and make sure they don’t tank the gorgeous life equation you’re building in your head or on paper. Castles in the air need bathrooms. Glass houses need a basement to change in. The mood steers us into opportunities to access innovation while allowing for human error and frailty.

What are your weekend plans? How did the full moon go?


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