With Pluto direct last week and Saturn direct late Sunday night, collective stalemates begin to unravel. However, Mercury is still deep in its retrograde of Libra, heading into opposition with retrograde Chiron; and Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune continue retrograde as well.

Mercury gets super close in opposition to Chiron this week, but it won’t close the aspect. As Mercury slows to station (direct next Monday), Chiron’s apparent retro motion outstrips its speed. We get close and it gets away.

Keep talking. Keep listening. Work on maximizing the input that will at some point help us work out where we will direct our energy for growth. Be for real where you can, and note where you cannot. You’re not looking for red flags; you’re looking for the precursor to understanding what a red flag is (in any given situation).

Look again. Listen again. Time DOES matter in healing. Timing matters.

As Chiron pulls away, it heads into trine with Sagittarius Venus – and Venus reaches for Chiron. That right there is a good outcome, if just a bit in the future.

All week, Venus sextiles Saturn (exact midday Wednesday), so there should be plenty of opportunities to pick from. We will want them all, but look for the one that promises the best future return.

All week, the Sun and Mars head into trine with retrograde Jupiter. The Sun closes its trine early Friday with Mars not quite there till the weekend. When things get going, the momentum is enhanced by Jupiter. When you go, GO. Follow through and maximize your gains.

This week between the new moon and full moon, the Moon moves from the end of Sagittarius to the beginning of Pisces.

On Monday morning, we ride out the last kick of a fiery Sadge Moon. Then the Moon hits Capricorn and we slow up to feel the pull of that Venus-Saturn promise, the Moon on their midpoint and ruled by Saturn. Go with your gut on Monday.

Overnight, the Moon squares Chiron then Tuesday morning squares retro Mercury. That… does not feel good. But it does reorient us toward where we need to be in order to move forward. Pay attention. Be for real.

Midday Tuesday, the Capricorn Moon trines Uranus and goes on to sextile Neptune then conjoin Pluto overnight. Tuesday’s mood brings a chance to kick it down into low gear and climb mountains. Look at you go! Low gear magically gets you somewhere you didn’t think you could go. If you heed the call and get in it, the satisfaction at the end of the day brings transformation.

Wednesday the Cap Moon finishes up with Pluto and moves untouched through the end of the sign. Keep that momentum (aided by the Sun and Mars trine Jupiter). A full head of steam pays off! Later the Moon moves to Aquarius and into conjunction with Saturn and sextile to Venus, both exact overnight. It’s more of the same (dynamism) but with a twist.

Thursday’s Aquarius Moon morning brings the good news – explicit good news or perhaps the ability to discern something real and good in what’s happening – as the Moon trines Mercury and sextiles Chiron. The Moon then squares Uranus and goes on to trine Mars overnight. Zippy, it feels distinctly zippy. Pay attention to “which way the wind blows”.

Early Friday, the Sun trines Jupiter with the Aquarius Moon closely conjunct, trining Mars and the Sun. We coast through that boost till the Moon hits Pisces in the evening and water slows our roll. It’s a soft place to land, a welcoming place. A strong current of optimism electrifies our personal and social will to MOVE.

All this dynamic movement with a foot in Libra heralds a lot of prosocial action, but it also aids in personal growth. We need a mirror and we get one.


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