Alex Rodriguez, in a Yankee uniform, making a weird face

Is Alex Rodriguez obsessing over Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck? That’s what one tabloid is reporting this week. Gossip Cop investigates the rumor.

Alex Rodriguez And Jennifer Lopez Play ‘Battle Of The Exes’?

This week’s edition of Star reports Alex Rodriguez isn’t happy about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s reunion and is trying to stir the pot. Rodriguez was spotted chatting up Affleck’s ex-girlfriend, SNL producer Lindsay Shookus at her birthday party. The sighting unleashed an avalanche of speculation, leading everyone to wonder if he was targeting Shookus to stick it to Affleck.

An inside source spills to the tabloid that Rodriguez is “obsessed with Jen and Ben’s relationship,” adding, “Alex is having a hard time letting go.” Additionally, the source confides, “his behavior is just plain weird.” The outlet insists Rodriguez is trying to “send a message” that he isn’t going to take his and Lopez’s separation lying down, but he’s coming off as obsessive and “weird.”

Alex Rodriguez ‘Sending A Message’?

So, is it true Rodriguez is out for revenge against Affleck for stealing Lopez away? That doesn’t seem to be the case. There was a simple explanation for Rodriguez’s presence at Shookus’s party. Rodriguez’s rep “explained the two are longtime pals.” Since no other incidences have followed insinuating anything romantic about the encounter, it’s safe to say it was an innocent interaction.

Now, with Rodriguez’s appearance at Shookus’s party explained away, there isn’t anything to support the outlet’s allegation of “weird” behavior on Rodriguez’s part. Furthermore, a quick glance at Rodriguez’s Instagram page shows the former MLB player living his own life. In fact, he even had a friendly interaction online with Lopez’s vocal coach where he said Rodriguez was welcome to Taco Tuesday “anytime.” It seems the exes are on good terms and Rodriguez isn’t obsessed with getting back at her.

The Tabloids On Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez’s Split

Besides, this is far from the first time the tabloids have painted Rodriguez as a wounded and jealous ex. Not long ago, InStyle alleged Rodriguez was warning Affleck to stay away from Lopez. Then the Globe reported Rodriguez thought he and Lopez were going to get back together before she reunited with Affleck. And most recently, the Globe insisted Rodriguez was a “dumped dope” that wanted Lopez to stop “humiliating” him. While it’s a popular narrative for the tabloids, it simply isn’t true.

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