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Wendy Williams and her new boyfriend Mike Esterman have been spending more time together now that The Wendy Williams Show is on hiatus. The two lovebirds took a road trip to an undisclosed location where Williams could be surrounded by the luxurious little amenities she loves to indulge in while on a break from her show. Fans couldn’t help but point out two details from Williams’ Instagram documented getaway. 

Wendy Williams’ Date Night Look Not Loved By Fans

The talk show host and her beau began their romantic vacation together with a road trip, which Williams clearly enjoyed. When they finally got to their lodging, it was exactly the paradise Williams had in mind. Some people in the comments wondered if it was Esterman who’d arranged the stay at the beautiful, tree-lined property. 

Then, even though the pair were on vacation, the two took some time out of their afternoon to run the most mundane of errands: taking Esterman’s car in for an appointment with a mechanic. Another selfie of the couple in the car, taken by Williams from the passenger seat, caused a stir among commenters. 

Fans have pointed out in the past that Wendy Williams’ hair sometimes doesn’t look as put together in personal photos as it does when she appears on her show. Yet again Williams’ infamous wig looked a little disheveled, and commenters were quick to note it. “Why do you always look a mess on your personal time,” one person wrote, while another commented, “Can we comb the hair first?”

To close out the date night, the couple went for a romantic dinner. Williams had played up the restaurant in an earlier post, writing, “He said we’re going to have great food @ a place he knows I will love.” That place ended up being The Cheesecake Factory, much to Williams’ fans’ delight. Many praised the former shock jock for her down-to-earth tastes, and even more commented their praise for the truly drool-worthy picture she posted of her plate. It looks like Williams put her date night to good use!

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