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Some celebrity relationships just aren’t meant to last, while others can weather just about any storm. That being said, there’s no shortage of controversies in the tabloids. Here’s what you might have missed from this week so far.

Oprah Winfrey looking back and smiling

Oprah Winfrey Finally Marrying Stedman Graham?

New Idea says that after almost 35 years together, Oprah Winfrey wants to tie the knot with longtime partner Stedman Graham. With Winfrey’s decades of success and accomplishments, she reportedly wasn’t worried about upping the stakes with a flashy wedding and instead is settling for an intimate affair. We checked in on the couple here.

Pete Davidson in sunglasses

‘Arrogant And Cocky’ Pete Davidson Annoying ‘SNL’ Castmates, Bragging About Film Roles?

Pete Davidson is undoubtedly the biggest star on Saturday Night Live at the moment, and his lineup of film projects certainly beats out those of Tom and Jerry star Colin Jost. Are his impressive accomplishments starting to go to his head? One insider says that his castmates are turning on him over his rude behavior. Here’s what we found when we looked into the story.

Channing Tatum in a suit

Report: Channing Tatum ‘Eyeing’ Jennifer Lopez Amid Her Relationship Problems

Everyone is curious about the state of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s struggling relationship, but apparently no one is as invested as Channing Tatum. One report says that the Magic Mike star is ready to put the moves on Lopez the second she becomes single, and he’s got a heck of a plan to win her over. We investigated the rumor here.

Wendy Williams in a tan top
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Friends Urging Wendy Williams To Wear A Diaper?

The National Enquirer says that Wendy Williams is a “train wreck” that’s “falling apart” live on air. After multiple instances of her passing gas and belching on her show, behind-the-scenes sources tell the magazine that the host is being urged to wear an adult diaper after nearly losing control of her bowels one too many times. Here’s what’s going on.

Sandra Bullock in a red dress
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Sandra Bullock Married At Her Wyoming Ranch?

Sandra Bullock has been dating her longtime boyfriend, Bryan Randall, for years. According to OK!, they finally made it official in an extremely low-key ceremony on her ranch with just a select few friends in attendance. “The newlyweds are over the moon to have made their romance official long at last,” an insider explains. “It was such a sweet, emotional day, and they both feel so incredibly blessed.” We looked into the story here.

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