Anything done with poor quality, just to get some products out for the holidays. The poor quality but seasonal “cute” (or mostly kitsch) packaging that breaks or shows signs of wear easily. The poor quality formulas from brands that usually have decent quality products (why not just put old colors on seasonal / limited edition packaging?).

I also agree on the mega palettes or anything in a shape or format that is “special”, but ends up hard to use or store,.or anything with tons of empty space. I would also add packaging that generates tons of waste, especially with non-recyclable materials.

A very personal opinion, but I dislike anything too holiday related. I mean a winter theme is borderline fine, but something related to a few days of the year (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.) is defined a no go for me. But I also don’t decorate for the holidays, so I know I’m a very big exceptions. 😅

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