In 2013, my friend, Ben observed that everyone in my family has some kind of obsession or compulsion.  “Yeah?” I asked. “What’s mine?”

“Well you used to smoke,” he said.

It’s true. I used to smoke 3 packs a day! I got up the middle of the night to smoke.

“And then you sold all that stuff for Frito Lay. Not many people can do what you did.  You were compulsive about that too,” he said.

This is also true. I was not only the #1 salesperson on the job, my sales were double the #2 salesperson’s!

“What about now?” I asked.

“Now you write. You write and you’re on the phone all day, helping people. I read your blog. I read your stuff, you know that.  You just go and go.  Not many can do what you do, that’s why you were able to make a success of it.”


“Your compulsion or obsession seems to morph over the years, but the other people in your family, their obsession seems to stay the same…”

This was as interesting to me as it was embarrassing.  No one thought I would quit those things (smoking, Frito), but I did. I’m pretty sure I’ll quit writing some day as well.

Update in 2021: My latest interest is area of manipulation, communication and sociology. I’m not quite obsessed yet but I’m highly interested.

I’m not sure if this study is meant to expand or enhance my astrological practice or if it’s just a personal interest. I’m pretty sure, if I retired tomorrow, I would focus my attention in this area. I’m captivated in the same way I was when I decided to really buckle down and learn astrology, to the bone.

Do you have some kind of obsession or compulsion? What is it?  Can you see it in your chart?


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