In order to keep up with her business, her show, her husband, Chip Gaines, and five kids, Joanna Gaines prefers eating foods that keep her energy levels up the whole day long. Since she’s admitted that working out isn’t really her jam, she depends a lot on a healthy balance of foods to keep her body feeling great. There’s even room in her diet for sweets.

Joanna Gaines Has Year-Round Access To Fresh Veggies

One of the biggest staples of Joanna Gaines’ diet is fresh vegetables and fruits. Luckily for her, she has a gorgeous and well-stocked garden in the back where a great deal of the family’s fresh veggies come from. In an interview with Health, Gaines explained, “I’ve got this huge garden in the back where we all eat all of our food, all of our leafy greens, our veggies, our fruits, come from that garden.”

When it comes to protein, the more’s the better in Gaines’ book. “For the most part I just try to eat a lot of protein during the day and then not too many carbs or I will crash and not make it,” Gaines revealed. She also drinks “a lot of water” and tries to be “conscious of what I’m putting in my body.” Though working out isn’t her favorite activity, she likes “walking and exercising” to relieve stress and “find that balance.”

Gaines Doesn’t Skimp On Sweets

Just because she’s into healthy eating doesn’t mean that Gaines neglects the sweeter side of life. She admits to having a sweet tooth, which fruits like oranges and bananas typically satisfy. “But typically with sweets, I go all out,” she added. “If you’re gonna make the cake, just make the cake.” Being a mom of five definitely helped Gaines learn to “make it a little more flexible, have fun with it.” Gaines advised others not to be “so hard on yourself.”

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