Celebrity contestants on Jeopardy! stand behind their podiums on set

Jeopardy! has now circled through a number of temporary guest hosts to replace the late Alex Trebek. Though some have expressed an interest in taking over permanently, there were two guest hosts that the audience probably won’t want to see again. The ratings are in and exposed fans’ least favorite hosts. 

Which Guest Hosts Are In Jeopardy With ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans?

Ratings for the long-running and massively popular trivia game show Jeopardy! seem to show that temporary hosts Katie Couric and Dr. Mehmet Oz’s tenures have been the least popular. Reports in March indicated that ratings fell 5% during Couric’s second week on the show. The ratings didn’t recover when Dr. Oz took his spot behind the podium.

In fact, ratings slipped another 2% under the controversial TV doctor. Controversy surrounded his guest-hosting stint even before he started. Over five hundred former contestants on the game show signed an open letter condemning Dr. Oz’s involvement in the show. Some fans even vowed to boycott Jeopardy! during the two weeks Dr. Oz hosted. It would appear that the boycott had at least a little bit of an effect, considering the fact that the show’s ratings are at a seasonal low. 

As the temporary guests continue to roll out, there’s still no word on who might be Alex Trebek’s ultimate replacement. Some familiar faces have thrown their hats into the ring, and there’s one person in particular who fans have been converging around. Regardless of all the speculation, Trebek’s successor has yet to be named, which leaves us all waiting with bated breath to finally see who it might be.

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