side by side photos of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton together next to Whoopi Goldberg

Relationships aren’t easy, and with lockdowns still in place, they aren’t getting any easier. This goes for both personal and professional relationships. This weekend, we heard a number of rumors about celebrities’ relationships struggling. Here’s what you might have missed.

Blake Shelton smiling with Gwen Stefani at the Ugly Dollz premiere

Report: Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani Got In Public ‘Screaming Match,’ Called Off Wedding

According to the National Enquirer, friends of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton don’t think that the two will actually make it to the altar, especially after being “caught on camera in a vicious street fight.” The singers were expected to wed sometime this spring, but disagreements about wedding planned apparently turned into public screaming matches. Here’s what we know about the state of the power couple’s relationship.

close up of Whoopi Goldberg smiling
(Ron Adar/

Whoopi Goldberg Leaving The View; Fed Up With ‘Managing Egos’?

A new report says that Whoopi Goldberg is moving on from The View after more than a decade of playing referee. “Whoopi is just worn out by having to manage the war of egos and over-the-top behavior on the show,” a show insider explains. “She’s over Joy’s know-it-all attitude and Meghan’s bulldozer attempts to take over virtually every conversation and frankly, she doesn’t hold the rest of them in high-esteem either.” This is what we know about her future with the talk show.

Prince Harry smiling with wife Meghan Markle outdoors

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Leaving California; Begging Queen Elizabeth For Second Chance?

The cover story of Star this week reports that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are ready to return to the UK after just a few months in the United States. A source says that the couple’s plans have failed so hard that their only option is rejoining the royal family. “Many of their appearances and projects have been canceled. They’re scrambling to get things in motion, but it’s not easy when the world’s on lockdown,” they explain. We looked into the shocking report here.

Carrie Underwood in a black dress with husband Mike Fisher in a suit
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Report: Mike Fisher ‘Fearing’ For ‘Obsessed’ Carrie Underwood’s Health

The Enquirer says that Underwood’s injury history has her husband deeply worried about her health as she ramps up her fitness routine to include grueling three-hour workouts everyday. With a concerning injury history, Fisher is reportedly terrified that she’s in danger. “Carrie’s body has been through a lot,” an insider says. Here’s what’s going on with the singer and her husband.

Jennifer Lopez looking at husband Alex Rodriguez on the red carpet
(Ovidiu Hrubaru/

Alex Rodriguez Using ‘Humiliated’ Jennifer Lopez For Fame And Money?

With a new wave of cheating allegations surrounding Rodriguez, Star says that Lopez is beyond humiliated. “These new reports are a slap in the face — the ultimate betrayal,” an insider explains. However, Lopez also knows that she can’t risk damaging their brand by leaving. This is what’s happening with the two stars.

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