Camilla Parker Bowles, in a white blouse, leans towards Prince Charles, in a khaki suit, who smiles at her

There will be a lot of changes when Prince Charles eventually ascends to the throne. Once the 72-year-old Duke of Cornwall becomes king, there will be a number of changes in titles for the royal family, especially for his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles.

Prince Charles Being Prepped For The Throne, What That Means For His Wife

Though Queen Elizabeth has not made any indication that she has any intention of abdicating the throne any time soon, Prince Charles is, of course, being groomed to take over for his mother and it appears he will be taking an even larger role now. For years, Prince Charles has escorted his mother to many royal events, especially in the years after his late father Prince Philip retired from public life. 

Just a short while after Prince Philip’s funeral, Prince Charles was named consort to Queen Elizabeth, which indicates that the heir to the throne is taking on more responsibilities to support her. With Prince Charles’ role in the royal family slowly changing, some royal watchers have begun wondering how his wife the Duchess of Cornwall’s role will change, with some specifically wondering what title she will hold once Prince Charles becomes king.

Camilla Parker Bowles’ Future Title Won’t Be ‘Queen’

Although the tabloids have long claimed that Camilla Parker Bowles aspires to one day be queen, that’s not a title the Duchess of Cornwall will ever hold – though it is the usual title for the wife of a king in the United Kingdom. Even before she and Prince Charles married in 2005, the palace made it clear that Parker Bowles would hold a different title when her husband was eventually made king. When Prince Charles is crowned king, Parker Bowles will become known as “Her Royal Highness The Princess Consort.” 

Since the announcement concerning Parker Bowles’ future title was released over 15  years ago, it’s not surprising that many people didn’t know about it or simply forgot about it. The title was agreed upon between Prince Charles, the Palace, and Parliament to quell any questions or issues arising from the fact that Parker Bowles is neither Prince Charles’ first wife nor is she mother to a future sovereign. Prince William, who will eventually succeed Prince Charles as king is of course the son of Princess Diana, who divorced Prince Charles in 1996. She was tragically killed in a car crash just a year later.

Tabloid Tall Tales About Titles

The tabloids, of course, have taken advantage of the innocent ignorance for years in order to push the false narrative that Camilla Parker Bowles is power-hungry and determined to become queen, even if she has to make threats towards her own husband to make her supposed dreams come true. 

Naturally, none of these melodramatic tabloid tall tales have an ounce of truth to them since tabloids are more concerned with deceiving their readers than reporting the actual facts. Parker Bowles is not obsessed with becoming queen and has known since before her wedding to Prince Charles that she would never hold the title, regardless of whether Prince Charles became king or not. Any outlet that claims otherwise is just not being truthful.

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