There are two more movies coming in the new HALLOWEEN trilogy that began in 2018. HALLOWEEN KILLS, which was set to be released this year, will open in 2021 due to the delay by the pandemic, and HALLOWEEN ENDS follows in 2022. The 2022 entry will end this part of the franchise as we know it but, as you know, money talks and it appears that the door is not entirely closed on more HALLOWEEN films coming after that final chapter.

Ryan Freimann is an executive producer on the currently HALLOWEEN trilogy that is being released by Blumhouse Productions and, during a recent interview with ““, Freimann was asked about future plans for the slasher series and he maintained that they’re focused on getting these next two films out but he believes there is always room for a reboot or “offshoot”:

“I have not thought that far ahead. Right now, we’re in the midst of what we see as the [director] David Gordon Green trilogy. And the story, like with the Rob Zombie films, it had these little offshoots. They had done Halloween III: Season of the Witch way back then, so it’s like we’re living in the moment with these films that are successful, and we’ll see where it goes from there. I hope there is a theatrical experience. The future is still in place, but for right now, yes. It just speaks to me and [producer] Malek [Akkad].”

Director David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride have been very clear that HALLOWEEN ENDS  will definitively end their take on the franchise. That being said, their 2018 film was highly successful and easily became the highest-grossing HALLOWEEN film of all-time with a worldwide total of $255 million on a mere $10 million budget. It’s possible that Blumhouse gets greedy and goes beyond HALLOWEEN ENDS if there is money to be made but, at the moment, we’re in a wait and see scenario on that front. 

I’m not really sure what they would do as an “offshoot.” I guess they could make HALLOWEEN 4’s Jamie Lloyd a part of this new timeline and bring in fan-favorite Danielle Harris but I’m not sure if that would work with the masses. HALLOWEEN fans could go for this idea and if done right, it could possibly work but a lot would need to fall into place. I also seriously doubt that an offshoot in the vain of HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH would work as well. That film has its fans now but trying to reposition the franchise as a possible anthology like they did with that third film, might just confuse moviegoers today. There is also the option to completely reboot the franchise but I think some years between films would be necessary for fans to accept that. 

Do YOU think the franchise should keep going after HALLOWEEN ENDS?

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