I’m updating this post because the cluster on one side of the zodiac is now in play and I feel the effects are highly noticeable. Here is the original post:

Last year (2020) we had this phenomena where all the planets were clustered on one side of the zodiac. This correlated with the worldwide lockdowns.

You can see that post here:

Narrow Focus Shown By Planets Clustered On One Side Of The Zodiac

june 2022I didn’t realize at the time, this situation will repeat in 2021-22.

Specifically, the planets will cluster up again, between mid-November, 2021 and mid-July. 2022.

The graphic is for June, 2022. You see how this looks. Confined!

I am not predicting another lockdown. That’s way too depressing. But this will play out one way or the other.

To add to what I wrote about this last time, this cluster of planets will concentrate their energy on specific sectors of your life.  It affects everyone in a myriad of ways.

  1. Transits to your natal chart, activating certain areas of your life.
  2. If you have a birthday during this time frame, your Solar Return will also be very focused.
  3. This cluster will also show up in Lunar Return charts, particularly if you Natal moon fits in the cluster.

The cluster will increase the intensity of your life to increase due to the narrow focus.   But aside from that, the areas of life associated with the empty signs and houses can easily fall into disrepair.

Say you’re working at home. Did you keep up your appearance and your wardrobe the sway you would have in a different circumstance? Probably not.  If you were out there, overtime on the front line, I doubt house-cleaning was high on your list of priorities.

In regards to this cluster showing up in Return charts, you want to look at which houses are affected but also pay attention to the hemispheres.  If the cluster of planets all fall beneath (or above) the horizon of your Natal chart, this is going to mean something.

Living like this is stressful for most.  This is particularly true for balance-loving, Libra and Sagittarius who wants to move freely in the world.

What do you think of this?  How do you think it will play out, collectively and/or personally? Is anyone looking forward to this?  Just curious!


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