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Reddit, for the uninitiated, harkens back to the olden days of the internet when forums and chat rooms were popular. And Redditors love to share their stories with anonymous users, and we’re glad they do, too.

So, we bring you 10 stories from women about the time their exes screwed them over. Because the woes of modern dating can be such a mess.

1. Tag, You’re Not It

Anytime I have posted a picture of us together on Instagram, he used to untag himself. With more recent ones, the tag stays but he hides them from showing up on his profile. I’ve asked him about this and he said it was because of his job…? He didn’t want anyone to be able to tag him on social media in case bosses would see. But I’ve told him that my [Instagram] is private so they won’t see it anyways. He posted one picture of us together about a month ago after I got upset that he never… posted me before. He originally had me tagged, but I noticed that a few days ago he removed my tag from the post.

u/alexisb621 on Reddit

Some people (like my husband) refuse to have social media. Maybe he’s on a similar path? Best of luck, u/alexisb621.

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2. Ghostbusters

We met online at first, and we hit it off straight away… We met up, and he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I was over the moon. [Two] weeks later we met up again… this was [when] he started acting weird. After I got home from his [house], he didn’t respond to any texts for [two] weeks, and I got extremely upset. Once he talked to me again, I was wrapped around his little finger. I got him to call me almost every day for a while. Then he got quiet again leaving me in the dark.

u/aedinplaysmusic on Reddit

Turns out Romeo had been dating another girl. And he didn’t only ghost our Reddit gal, but everyone. After a few days, his family filed a missing persons report. He was found drugged out with his other girlfriend. Yikes!

3. Achoo, Oops!

I was with a guy for three years… One weekend he [came] to visit me, I had a bad cold, but we still had sex (sex with that guy was pretty amazing). The next day, he broke up with me out of the blue. [He] wouldn’t tell me why, or what was wrong. I stayed friends with him, and a few months later, he asked, “So, who’s Matt?” I had no idea what he was talking about. Turns out, during sex I was moaning, “Oh man! Oh man!” but due to my head cold, it came out as “Oh Matt! Oh Matt!” Obviously we had some deeper issues, like lack of communication and trust. We did stay friends for a few years after this happened and the running joke was, “I’m going to go hang out with my buddy Matt now.

mauxly on Reddit

Breaking up over a miscommunication after three years seems a bit extreme, but she said it. Communication is key.  

4. Bearded Lady 

I had a boyfriend all throughout high school. He was so respectful and totally understood that I wasn’t ready to do anything past a casual make out. He never pressured me for anything physical. I thought I’d hit the jackpot.

It sounds so promising, but then reality hits. After the two graduated high school and went off to college, the following conversation took place: 

[Him:] “I wouldn’t have made it through high school without you, seriously! I’m so glad we’re free to date other people now… I will never forget your kindness.” [Me:] “What? Why are you breaking up with me?” [Him:] “Haha, good one. I hope we both meet great guys. Bye!” Then it hit me–he was gay! Everyone knew but me! I didn’t date again until nearly the end of college, and I made sure he wanted to sleep with me.

little_duck on Reddit

Well, I guess there are worse things than being someone’s beard, even unknowingly.

5. The Heart-Baker

I recently started dating this guy over the last few months who has a side hustle of baking and delivering bread to local cafes and [neighbors]. At first I thought it was so nice seeing someone who had passion and ambition. However, recently it’s been getting in the way of our blossoming romance. For example; I recently went to a BBQ to meet all [of] his friends. However, as soon as I got there, he left to go bake for an hour… Then we had a wonderful fancy dinner that’s been in the diary for weeks, but he cancelled last minute to bake bread which left me eating a subway in my flat–alone.

u/b1anana on Reddit

U/blanana, it seems like you knead some love. After all, life is what you bake it.

Image of man and woman baking cookies together.
(Hannah Busing/Unsplash) 

6. No Thanks, Tinder

When we first started out, Paul and I tried polygamy just to test the [waters.] Both of us found it just wasn’t our thing due to jealousy, but he still had dating apps on his phone to “find friends.” I forgot about it for months. Yesterday while hanging out, I looked over at Paul’s phone as he showed me something and noticed a tab was open, Tinder. And it was his chats. All the people were girls.

u/awkward-goatman on Reddit

Luckily, this girl took the advice of commenters and broke up with this philanderer. Sayonara!

7. Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater

My marriage ended when I found out he had been cheating on me for more than 3/4 of our total relationship and that he had a [3-month-year-old] daughter with someone else. I came to realize I never fully trusted him and wasted so many years.

VA_BxAnalyst on Reddit

There are few worse breakups than finding out you’ve been cheated on after putting so much trust into someone. It’s just gross. 

8. No Longer Partners In Wine

It was one week shy of our [one] year anniversary, and I had already planned and paid for a trip. He took me to a very popular restaurant, on the patio, which faced… a major street on a [Saturday] night. We sat down, and he immediately broke up with me. I said something like, “[Why] the f*** would you be so cruel as to do this in front of 200 people,” and he said, “[Oh] a friend said that I should do it in public so there wouldn’t be a scene.” That’s when I broke my wineglass and walked out. (First time I ever made a scene at a breakup, ever!)

itsacalamity on Reddit

We would’ve broken our wineglasses, too! Think about your timing next time, guy. 

9. The Gaslighter

Long story short, I figured out from 3,000 miles away he’s been cheating. Started with a phone call popping up on his screen with the girl’s name on FaceTime. (I said go take your phone call. [He] refused. Said it was his male friend–confused/gaslit me. [He] made me rethink the name I had read. Wasn’t a huge alarm bell because I thought I just misread the name).

u/Towel_Tricky on Reddit

Basically, she found out that her boyfriend of three years was cheating on her and had been for nine months. And get this, the other woman didn’t know about the girlfriend. And then, in a later post, the girlfriend tells the other woman what’s been going on. Talk about a rollercoaster! 

10. Hot Or Not?

Him: Well, you’ve never actually tried to look hot for me. You dress to blend into the background. You don’t try to look hot! Me: Well, I know other men who call their wives hot all the time… and their wives aren’t all dolled up or dressed up or in heels or whatever. Him: Well maybe they do find their wives hot. Why are you so focused on this? I love you unconditionally.

u/Glittering-Honey-930 on Reddit

And this was after he called another woman “hot.” Those of us who wear cardigans and buns deserve to be called “hot,” too!

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