Well, it’s Christmas Day and you know what that means? It’s finally time for WONDER WOMAN 1984 – which is making its debut on HBO Max in the states, while in Canada, it’ll be available on PVOD for a fairly steep $29.99 rental. Everywhere else, it’s out in theaters, while much of Europe will get it on PVOD in January. 

Now that it’s out and you’ve all gotten the chance to see it, it’s time for you all to weigh in. Did it live up to your expectations? Our critic JimmyO loved it. Speaking for myself, well, I was a little underwhelmed. I enjoyed it overall but also found it took WAY too long to get going. The first hour is slow, the running time is bloated and the villains are non-existent. Yet, Gal Gadot is still a great Wonder Woman, while her chemistry with Chris Pine is terrific even if his role seemed ultimately unnecessary. I’d give it maybe a 6/10 (is it just me or was it oddly reminicent of Superman III?), but really, what we’re interested in is what YOU all thought, so make sure to weigh in below! And – of course beware of SPOILERS. BEWARE!!!

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