Kanye West wears a black blazer over a beige t shirt

Is Kanye West freaking out all of his friends? One report says he’s struggling to cope after the split with Kim Kardashian, and people are starting to get worried.

‘Kanye’s Odd Outing’

According to OK!, West is worrying his friends with increasingly erratic and reclusive behavior. He was recently spotted in Los Angeles wearing a mask that covered his entire skull. A source says “even when he goes out, it’s with all the making of a military operation.”

West doesn’t want to see anyone right now, nor does he want anyone to see him, according to the article. An insider says his friends are worried that “he’s one step away from another meltdown.” Kardashian used to help him keep his behavior in check, but now he lacks anyone to slow his thoughts, the tabloid reports.

As West surrounds himself with “mostly enablers,” a source says he’s starting to feel “like he can be his total creative self.” This may not always be a good thing though. A source warns, “Kanye can be a bit kooky, but this [mask] seemed extreme – even for him.”

He’s Worn Masks For Years

This article just doesn’t understand West. Wearing a full face-covering in public doesn’t even register on the list of outlandish deeds he’s done in recent years. Even when he and Kardashian were together, he still ran for President and peed on a Grammy.

Wearing a full-face covering under the hot LA sun isn’t even that odd, for COVID-19 is still a thing. It’s certainly a jarring sight, but West has a long history wearing masks. He famously wore a diamond mask during the Yeezus tour in 2013, so this is all par for the course.

How’s He Actually Doing?

Gossip Cop should also note that friends, especially those concerned by erratic behavior, wouldn’t ever turn to OK! to voice their fears. When John Legend was worried about West’s comments about Donald Trump, he contacted West personally. We know this because West later shared the entire exchange on Twitter. Oof.

In any case, West seems to be doing fairly well as his divorce rolls on. He recently unfollowed the Kardashians on Instagram, although he still follows Kim. He’s not isolating either, as he’s recently been spotted a number of times with model Irina Shayk and reports are the two are dating after taking a trip abroad recently. He’s doing everything you’d expect someone fresh off a breakup to do.

Other Tall Tales

Gossip Cop debunked OK! for claiming West bought Kardashian an island for Christmas. That never happened. Back in September of 2020, it claimed Kim was forgiving Kanye for his transgressions, yet they announced their divorce a few months later.

This is also the same outlet that claimed Kardashian was in love with Tony Robbins. It obviously has no real insight into Kardashian or West’s personal lives. West’s kept a relatively low profile since splitting from Kardashian, and he’s always loved to cover his whole head, so this story is completely inaccurate.

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