WTF Happened To This Celebrity? – The JoBlo series that examines the careers of stars and filmmakers who may have fallen out of the spotlight, and tells where they are now!

For over two decades Mel Gibson was the king of Hollywood, from his launch to stardom in the Mad Max movies and the Lethal Weapon franchise, to his acclaimed and successful shift behind the camera with Braveheart and The Passion of the Christ. But his battles with booze and inner demons eventually got the best of him, and his shining star was all but extinguished after publicized drunken tirades in 2006 and 2010. However, Gibson was able to manage a pretty impressive comeback, directing the acclaimed Hacksaw Ridge, as well as starring in the controversial but worthwhile Dragged Across Concrete, as well as villainous turns in The Expendables 3 and Boss Level.

Yet, it can’t be denied Gibson’s position in Hollywood is different from what it once was. Will he ever come back to ultra-A-list status, if not as an actor than as a director? Does Gibson even want that? Gas up the V8 and find out this and more in “WTF Happened to MEL GIBSON!”

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